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How to Build Max-Performance HEMI Engines

Aaaah … the 426 Hemi. The name alone conjures up mental images of massive power mixed with testosterone.


If you are interested in building a Gen-2 426 style HEMI, this is the book for you.


I said to myself, “If I ever wrote a book, I would not overlook WHY things were done a certain way.” Then apply some common sense. So rather than just showing you the bearing clearances in a chart I’ll discuss the tradeoffs. Aluminum expands more than iron, so what does that do to valve lash, cooling efficiency, rod length, ring seal, or quench? I’ll show you how and explain why.

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Fun Memoir of a Whiz Kid Turns Science on Its Ear

Dickie was a weird kid. Too bad nobody appreciated his scientific smarts. Everyone just thought he was annoying. Of course, he did almost burn down his school with a science fair project.
He also turned on the neighbors' lights with high-powered radio gear. Once he built a one-armed robot that drank too much. He stuffed monkeys into small race cars, violated top-secret security procedures, and performed so many other antics that he truly earned his moniker "mad scientist."

This goofy and humorous autobiography tells what it was like for a nerdy kid growing up in the '50s and '60s in suburban Chicago. So come along and join Dickie as he adopted the phrase that still gets him into trouble: "After all, how hard can it be?" Watch out, world!

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